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I have another Centennial Release Cameron Hughes wine for you guys to try!

Cameron Hughes Lot 600 2013 Oakville Cabernet (out of Money Road Ranch vineyard, producer unknown to me). [Full disclosure, I received this wine free of charge from CHWine.com. It is the first time they’ve ever sent me something to review, but since I usually always end up reviewing 2 or 3 of their annual Cabernet releases, I was happy to try it and offer my opinion.] I opened this with a group of friends who are also big CH fans.

The first thing we noticed was the deep, dark, inky color. Always a promising sign to me.

Fragrance was a mix of blue and black fruit…I could smell blueberry right away but after a few swirls, black currant kept moving to the forefront. Cocoa also was evident in the fragrance.

I tasted it freshly poured and then again much later, as the wine was super tight straight out of the bottle. We decided to wait to serve it (and let it decant). My first impression is that it very young and could do with more time in the bottle. That being said, after decanting for 2 hours…here is another highly recommended (especially at the $29 price tag) wine from Cameron Hughes.

So, for the flavors: blackberries, tobacco, dark chocolate and a hint of earth were first things everyone mentioned. It is fruity but it’s nicely balanced by the tannins. Body weight is great for a Cabernet. Silk and spicy on the palate. It evolved even more as the night progressed which makes me think it could be a cellar candidate.

Thumbs up from everyone here! If I were scoring it, I’d put it at a solid 91-92 points.
As always, if you have tried this wine, I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments.

While I don’t have a coupon for this particular wine today, I do have a 20% off coupon for the Cameron Hughes Thanksgiving Wines sale. And there is a new Monte Rosso (2013 vintage) in that bunch that I’m sorely tempted to try out.

Edit: Sale is over. Will be posting any new ones as soon as I hear they are happening. Last year CHWine offered a 30% Black Friday sale so…keep a lookout!