I stopped in at Salem OR Grocery Outlet – 2879 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305 (503) 370-8500, during their semi-annual wine sale (Nov. 4-11). All wines are 20% off.

They had available a wine tasting table and the 2012 Giormani Amarone Della Valpolicella was open to taste test. It was very smart on their part…their price is normally $20/bottle for this wine, so even at the sale price of $16, it’s a higher price point than normally seen for Grocery Outlet wines.

After tasting, I purchased 3 bottles (would have purchased more but I have overly stocked my reds this year). Mind you, this was just a quick taste from a tiny plastic cup…but the quality of the wine was very evident and at the $16 sale price, it is (IMO) a steal. When I was there today, Sue, the owner, mentioned that they have only about 2 cases left in stock.

When I was reading the 2012 Amarone harvest report, I had pretty much decided not to purchase any from that year. However, at the end of the report (see link) Amarone buyers were just advised to choose carefully when buying a 2012. This write-up is to say, not only is this Grocery Outlet find a nice 2012 but it’s an excellent value. If you aren’t familiar with Amarone, Wine Folly did a short write-up, a while back.

If you’d like to read a more detailed write-up on the tasting notes (the contents of which I heartily concur), EHL from the Guest Contributions page of the Grocery outlet wine blog, did a very nice job of covering the highlights.

As always, if you try any wines from the blog and want to report back your own findings, I’m quite happy to hear your comments!