This is just a FYI post. I haven’t made up my mind whether or not I think this is a bargain, however, I am a fan of Cameron Hughes. He always seems to pick up great Cabernet for very decent prices.


For a limited time, Cameron Hughes is offering a vertical collection of Cabernet from “one of the best Cabernet producers in the Napa Valley”.

They go on to say that the winery recently “quietly changed hands”.

So, putting 2+2 together, I’m guessing this is Jamieson Ranch Vineyards that sold in mid-Sept. Jamieson is the southernmost winery in Napa Valley. Regarding the wine origin, I could be wrong, it is just a guess. However I cannot find any other wineries in Napa that recently changed hands. (edit: there has been a lot of speculation as to where this wine comes from, so I will just point out again…my thoughts are also just that…speculation)

Jamieson’s single vintage (not-private-reserve) Cabernet sells for $780/case of 12. So a vertical (2006-2011) at $369 may or may not be a decent price for 6 (depending on the individual year ratings). I’m considering it though. So far I’ve never been disappointed by his Napa Cabs. No coupon codes are allowed for this sale.