In the last year, I’ve had two drawings done and framed, by artist Janine Meister of Picture it in Pencil.

The first drawing we had done was of our springer spaniel. He’s getting older these days and not as crazy as he used to be. I’d taken some photos of him as a puppy, that I thought would be a good option for a drawing and Janine didn’t disappoint.

(click for larger versions of photos)


Then, after being so pleased with the first sketch, we asked her to do our beloved cat Pacha, who’d passed on just the year before.


I linked her website at the top of the blog. She also does wildlife sketches. My first love will be her pet drawings though. The way she nails the eyes…it just draws you in.


I’d encourage you just to check out the site and see what this up and coming artist has to offer.