Well it was a sad day yesterday (and it appears that I am way behind on my wine industry news) when, for the first time, I read that back in early May, Cameron Hughes Wine had been forced into receivership. The linked article gives a breakdown of the info and links to the original report (which has been corrected 2x to my knowledge).

As many of you know, I’ve been a huge advocate of theirs…the the way they offer excellent wine from pedigreed vineyards (my favorite are their Napa Cabernets…incredible prices on top-notch wine) at just above wholesale prices.

Yes, I do have a nice stock of CH Cab to last me for a few years…but I really hope that somehow, Cameron and Jess are able to salvage their business. I’d hate to see it pass into someone else’s hands. Especially someone who will lower the quality and raise the prices…as too often happens. Rumor has it that they are trying to restructure their debt. Here’s hoping they are successful (and that those who are seriously indebted to CHWine will actually pay their outrageously outstanding bills).

All the best to those at CHWine!