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A Pirate's Ponderings

When I was young, life just sort of happened to me. I’d be minding my own business, and then, suddenly, Life would show up, and I’d wind up going down some goat trail, rabbit hole, or hobbit-esque adventure. It was never planned. I didn’t have some calendar on my bedroom wall with Tuesday circled in red crayon with the words, “Rabbit Hole trip: 3 pm.”

At least, it was never planned by me. Everyone else in the family always seemed to have a firm grasp on what was transpiring on certain days.

Me? I’d be sitting on the linoleum floor of my bedroom, playing with my Hot Wheels, Matchbox cars, sticks, rocks, our tabby cat, Hosea (pronounce Ho-shee), and whatever else was nearby. I’d be there, constructing an entire universe in my head. A universe that could change in an instant by merely taking the plastic wheels off of a…

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