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Just an FYI on a 20% off sale at Cameron Hughes Wine today. Not all the wines are on sale but some of their best ones (that they still have in stock) are!  Coupon code: FREAKY

IMO, Cameron Hughes Wine really shines in the Cabernet department. If you like Napa or Sonoma Cabernet, I seriously doubt you will find better quality at a lower price than through here. I’ve purchased dozens of their Cabernet lots and only disliked one non-Lot Cam Collection Cab. And that one even got better with age.

Speaking of aging, the one thing I do say re: these wines…they have maybe 6-8 months in the bottle so don’t be afraid to let them rest a while. They cellar nicely on the whole.

If you want to try them now, definitely decant. Some of them require at least a 2 hr decant because they are very young…but the quality is there if you want to wait for it. I encourage you to read the customer reviews and/or watch the videos on each wine to see which suits your tastes.

Of the sale Cabs, these are the ones I have in my cellar (some by the case) and highly recommend:
515 Monte Rosso ($25.60 on sale) Vineyard out of Sonoma…most excellent wine. Until CH, I’ve never seen anything out of Monte Rosso for this low a price and it is so good.
525 Napa ($23.20 on sale) out of Stagecoach Vineyard (Pritchard Hill non-ava)…also very excellent (needs a long decant because it’s very young)
Hughes-Wellman 2010 Napa ($44 on sale) Cab (also out of Stagecoach Vineyard). We haven’t tried this one. We’ve got it set down for a special occasion.
433 Happy Canyon ($15.20 on sale) This Cab is out of Santa Barbara. It’s a non-traditional Cabernet…decent body, much spicier than the normal Napa style. It’s interesting to try. I have a couple of bottles of this for when I want to change things up a bit.
452 Rutherford Cab ($23 on sale) is a nice example of a Rutherford, dusty wine…can’t beat the sale price.