I haven’t been doing a lot of “wine tasting” of late. Mostly, because I got very tired of going through the bad wine in order to find a gem…so we’ve been enjoying wines from our cellar (and I haven’t reviewed them because most aren’t available for sale anywhere). However this one is, for now still available, and I thought it was worth a mention:

IMG_0915Trapadis Rasteau Les Adres 2007. Purchased from Bestwinesonline and they still have it in stock (albeit low availability).

80% Grenache, 10% Mourvedre and 10% Carignan

Aromas of pomegranate and coniferous trees immediately capture the attention.

While the taste is a little more tart than I usually like, it is very typical of this style of French wine. The wine offers a medium-light mouthfeel and the flavor is really lovely. Black cherry first greets your palate but it’s so quickly followed by that Hickory tang with a hint of something like acacia or pine resin; then I found a savory, meaty aftertaste to give this nicely layered bass notes (and at $14.98, very inexpensive for the dimensionality).

If you’ve enjoyed excellent Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir, this reminds me a lot of that style (with additional savory undertones). I can’t decide if I enjoyed the fragrance or the taste more…both were so enticing.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this normally retails at $33 so $14.98 is quite a bargain, IMO.