We got together with a group of friends on Saturday and visited vineyards/wineries during Oregon’s big Thanksgiving Open House. It was a lot of fun and most of the wines we tasted were open long though to enjoy and appreciate.

I will be posting a photo blog later this week, I just haven’t had time to download the photos yet.

I did want to mention the Firesteed Citation Chardonnay since it was the unanimous highlight of the tour. We stopped there, even though we’d already done a tasting once this season, because the rest of the party had not tried their wines. When I was speaking to one of the women in the tasting room, she said that they prefer to offer dry wines and don’t really have any sweeter options. This could be one of the reasons I enjoy their wine so much. However, I did still think that the Riesling was too sweet for me. She mentioned that it was a “dry Riesling” though so, many people who appreciate that varietal may enjoy a drier option.

I very often skip white wines when I’m out tasting. There are just so few that I like. Firesteed’s Pinot Gris is an exception to the rule, so I thought I’d try the Chardonnay (it was a day of abandon 🙂 ) and as I mentioned before, it was the highlight of the day for our party. What’s so odd about this is that none of us are Chardonnay lovers and none of us prefer whites over reds. Interestingly enough, it was the wine that was most purchased in our group.

One of the women tasting with us said “This is a ‘Red Lovers’ white!” It was rich without having that super buttery/odd after-taste that so many Chardonnays give. Instead of being “butter-forward” or “oak forward” (that seems to be the two options for Chardonnay that I run into) it had a lovely balance. In fact, there was “nothing-forward” about it.

We tasted very balanced hints of oak, hints of butter (but really more like butterscotch) as well as some more crisper elements of fruit and even better a bit of spice; the body showed a rich mouthfeel, again without any odd aftertaste. I’ve never had a Chardonnay that showed winter baking style spices…so unusual but inviting.

This may be my favorite Chardonnay I’ve ever tasted. You could drink it in summer or winter…with food or without. It’s absolutely lovely.