When I write about wine, my intention is not to tell you “this is what you want, buy it now.” My intention is to give you as much information as I can, so that you can determine whether or not the taste, or the value, falls in line with your (taste or price point) and that then enables you (at least it is my goal in writing this) to make an educated choice regarding your purchases. I hope in that I’m successful (I’m including the G.O. Wine Blog reviews, that I write, in this comment). Palates are so diverse, wines that set me on edge, you may love (and there’s no shame in that) and vice versa.

Wine tasting can be equated to a love of music. Some are fluent in “Classic Rock” while others can direct you to a most excellent classical pianist and yet others might help you expand your knowledge or enjoyment of Reggae or Tribal music. That’s how I see wine writing…an opportunity to expand your horizons (or not, as you wish) without draining your own pocketbook in the process.

I buy all the wine that I write about. That includes my “Grocery Outlet” wine blog (written by consumers, unaffiliated with the chain) purchases (which can often include a mass of wine I wish I’d never picked up). This is intended to save the readers of that blog from purchases they wish they hadn’t made, as well as (hopefully) pointing them to purchases they might want to make but haven’t.

I was speaking with some of the other wine writers yesterday (they, also, receive no samples and are not subsidized by anyone). The consensus seems to be that we taste wine because we love it. We write because it’s a way to share the experience with others. We share the experience because we want to help others grow and learn to love it as we do.

I hope we are successful.

With that, I’d like to link another $4.99 wine that I wrote about yesterday. Exitus 2011 Red Blend (Syrah, Merlot and Cab). It is a decent wine. Is it top of the line? No. Is it a $20 value for $5? Yes.  If you like this style, it is currently available at Grocery Outlet.

Also, if you have anything else that you’d like to add (something you wish you’d see from more wine writers and don’t), please feel free to comment.