From now until December 31st, Dan has decided to embrace the holiday spirit and give away the first and (so far) only digital adventure of the Tupperville Ranch Cartoons©.

This is a full length (and the file is 400mb so be aware it will take a while to download…it’s 1000+ pages of graphics) comic adventure and it’s free for personal use only. All rights are reserved and no part may be re-uploaded to the web or used for any other purpose without express written permission from the artist.

“To the Last Drop”
The Tupperville crew’s first Film Noir-style spy adventure.

The format is PDF and it has been fully tested on both Windows & Mac computers as well as iPads and Android tablets.

Happy Holidays from the artist of Tupperville Ranch Cartoons©! (Note: the above drawing is for an upcoming Steampunk-style adventure on which the TR crew will soon embark.)