For our wine tasting tour this last weekend, we chose a few vineyards/wineries that we wanted to visit (there are so many, it would be easy to hit palate fatigue…so we normally pick three or four and choose different ones for the next year’s tour). I’ve never visited the Domaine Drouhin Estate, though I have enjoyed previous vintages of their Pinot Noir.

The estate is beautiful; the most beautiful one we visited this weekend. Views are breathtaking. Atmosphere is elegant. Wine tasting is $10 for 3 bottles, their choice. Given the surroundings and the opportunity to enjoy the wine in such a lovely manner, this seemed very reasonable.

The only disappointing thing for me was the wine tasting itself. The room was packed and the wines were being opened and poured immediately by a very busy, but knowledgeable and efficient, staff. However, the 2012’s that were being served were so closed that it would have taken more time than I had that day (it was late afternoon and we had a long drive home ahead of us) to let the wines open up and taste their potential. I believe it’s there, it was just not readily evident in a freshly opened bottle. I’d like to taste the wines again in six months or so and see how they’ve evolved. The only 2011 they poured was my least favorite of the whole day…but I’m not really a fan of the 2011 Oregon vintage so far, so that is unsurprising.

While the tasting was not my favorite of the day, the atmosphere certainly was.