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This last weekend we decided to do a wine tasting tour of some of the Mid-Willamette Valley Oregon vineyards: Domaine Drouhin, Dundee Hills, Firesteed and this cute little out-of-the-way vineyard called Vercingetorix VX Vineyard. It was a fun day. I may post about Domaine Drouhin another day (simply for the photographs) but I really wanted to write about Vercingetorix.

We ended up there quite by chance but it worked out in our favor. Vercingetorix Vineyard is located in Newberg, OR. It’s so out-of-the-way that our GPS (in the process of getting us there…thanks Apple maps) had us stop right at a house on the same property. Fortunately there was a woman who seemed quite used to this; she didn’t even wait for me to ask the question “Will you point me towards…”, she just waved her hand in the direction we were headed and said “Keep going”. I thanked her and we drove off. Not much farther down this picturesque road, we saw the tasting room.
It’s very rustic and country cottage-like…

My husband (who is also a photographer and was the designated driver for the day) immediately went off to take some photographs for this blog post.

One of the first things I asked was “How do you pronounce the name of this vineyard?” Jeff, the gentleman pouring the wines, said “The American pronunciation is (phonetically) Ver-sin-ga-tor-ix. The French pronunciation is (again phonetically, the best that I am able to reproduce…) Vher-sahn-zghe-tow-reeks (to those whose first langue is Le Francais, forgive me 🙂 ).

I spoke with two long time wine-club members who said that the wine maker has changed several times over the last few years. I’d mentioned how much I enjoyed the fruity-but-dry nature of the current wines, even the whites…one of the members said that they too were very happy with the new offerings…”While we’ve enjoyed the wines over the years, we appreciate the consistency and style of the newest selections…”.

I tasted all the wines being poured. I don’t usually do that when we are planning a whole day of wine tasting, but the first white captured my attention (I prefer reds, so when a white gets my attention, I listen) and right then I decided to taste the lot. I ended up purchasing the 2012 Caroline’s Cuvee (a 3 vineyard blend of Pinot Noir that is extremely good…hit all my favorite taste points: dry, fruity without being a fruit bomb, no green pepper under-taste and an elegant mouthfeel). The other two reds that I tasted, a 2012 Pinot Noir Reserve and an absolutely delicious 2012 Syrah that I regret not purchasing (Columbia Valley grapes) showed much potential. The bottles had been open for an hour or so but, IMO these are still so young, they need an actual decant to fully appreciate them right now. In six months or so, they will show beautifully.

Overall, this tasting rather spoiled me for the rest of the day. I did enjoy a few of the selections at the other vineyards (all of the other vineyards are much larger operations, much more well known…even to the point of being opulent) but there were no more “across the board” taste sensations in the same manner as I enjoyed here. So I say “Well done, Vercingetorix. I’ll be back.”

With that I leave you with a few more random photos from this vineyard.

The view of the lake, on the way out…it’s a lovely little hideaway.