This week I’ve been focusing my wine reviews on Grocery Outlet wine bargains. Grocery Outlet is having their semi-annual wine sale Nov. 5-9. 20% off ALL wine (and that’s 20% off their already discounted prices).

We’ve been trying, over at the Grocery Outlet Wine Blog (non-affiliated with the stores) to review as many of the current options as possible (which is why you will mostly see photos and ‘toons posted here at PermiesWorld) in order to let people know what’s available; a good bargain (or bad), before the sale starts. These (increased in frequency) wine reviews will likely run through the sale (although there will always be new reviews over there…it’s just more frequent during the sale period) so if you are interested (and you have a Grocery Outlet near you), you might find the G.O. blog worth a read!