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I’d mentioned earlier this week about seeing the Orcas hunt. It made me go back and look at the photos.  Some of them were too graphic for a blog, but they were still interesting. Those beautiful creatures are so fascinating, so intelligent. It was amazing to watch them work together.

There were two very young whales in this group of (at the time) about 10 adults and sub-adults. It is my understanding that this is a resident pod off the Oregon coast. The whales were teaching the young ones how to hunt sea-lion. They’d disabled it and then would circle and let the younger ones try hunting. It was an incredible view of nature at work; though for some on the boat, it was difficult to see the sea-lion be hunted.

The people who you see in the Zodiac are a group of local scientists who are studying the whales. The day was foggy (as it so often is around here) but it was still worth the trip.
These whale watching trips aren’t that expensive and (if you don’t get seasick) are so worth a trip. This one happened to be out of Depoe Bay, OR. We’ve also taken the Newport, OR trips. Every time we’ve gone, we’ve seen whales. Mostly the California Gray but you just never know what you’ll see out there.