Did anyone start singing that America song, “A Horse With No Name”? Just curious. As soon as I typed the title, it began running through my brain.

A few years back, I was hiking in Joshua Tree National Park with some friends. We were out in the middle of nowhere, using GPS to find an old mine that was way off the trail. The desert was a new experience for me. So incredibly quiet. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m not used to the absolute lack of trees (cacti & Joshua tree, don’t count in my “tree” world) or the amazingly “loud” silence. Here even the woods are talkative during a hike; trees, rivers, leaves, birds etc. all making their own noises as we pass through. I found the desert experience to be so peaceful and beautiful.

Of course I had my camera with me. As we wandered, I was struck by the things we’d find randomly scattered in the desert. A decrepit windmill that attached to nothing. A grave sign. No roads; just random artifacts. We came upon a small jumble of brush and sitting there was this vehicle. Such a beautiful juxtaposition of nature and classic vehicle, that I had to get a photo.  It reminded me of a Hollywood set.