My first dog.
He really was my first dog…me being the certifiable “crazy cat lady” (husband grew up with Springer Spaniels). And he has been an adventure.  Today is his birthday.  He’s 6. He does all the normal things dogs do (i.e. sit, stay, wait); he helps fold laundry (I have videos to prove it…he can even match socks or bring his pop a matching pair of shoes). He poses for photos and waits for the shutter to snap before he’s released (what else would you expect from a photographer’s dog, right?) and he’s been a constant joy (once he got over those crazy 12 hr energy puppy 18 months…).

So today is just a series of pet photos, because this guy is one of the best things to enter my life and on his birthday it seems fitting to say so.

The day we picked him out.

His first snow

Playing Hide and Seek (yes, he does, though he has a difficult time not telling you where he is with that wagging, thumping tail)

Trying to convince dad to order from the Cabelas “Dog” catalog.

Burning off ALL that energy at the beach

Subtly letting you know that it’s time to turn up the heat…

And best of all, always there when you need a helping paw

This crazy cat lady never knew she could love a wild and crazy springer spaniel as much as she does…Happy Birthday to our Kona