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A while back, we were due to tour the Mission Mill Museum in Salem.  I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to haul my big camera/tripod/bag etc around for the tour.  Instead, I took my little Sony NEX5n.  It was really my first experience with anything but snapshots from that little camera.

I’m not a fan of the complicated interface and I believe there are a few newer iterations of this model currently on the market (perhaps that has improved).  But I was impressed with what it could do in low light with no tripod.  My photography friends were all shooting with DSLRs, tripods and remote shutters, so as to not shake the camera at all during a long enough exposure to showcase the interior of the mill.  I handheld.  Used some of the NEX options (7 shot blend mainly).  I couldn’t get the colors quite right in photoshop (and tend to favor the shots in monochrome) but over all, in a pinch, this type of blending technology isn’t bad.  I’d definitely take this on a vacation where I didn’t want to haul a lot of gear. When not blending, the colors look very normal.