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Another great bargain (found this one at Costco for just under $10.00) is the 2012 Yaso Toro wine.  It’s 100% tempranillo and at this price I wish that I’d purchased several more bottles.  Sadly our local Costco has no more of this wine (it sold out very fast) but I’m actually going to check out of town to see if I can locate any more.  It’s that good and in a daily drinking price range.

When I first tasted this wine, I hadn’t decanted it.  Just poured and tasted.  It was a bit harsh and not very well balanced.  We decided to leave the glasses alone and after about an hour and a half, it really showed to be an excellent wine.  Spicy & dry…true to the Spanish Tempranillo style, if you love that.

We had our second bottle the other night.  This time we actually decanted it for an hour before serving.  It was perfect.  Smooth and nicely balanced.

I would say this wine tastes 2.5x it’s price point.  Just a great deal if it’s still available near you.

I couldn’t find a website for the wine but I did find this link from the Costco Wine Blog: