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Tres Ojos Rosado Calatayud 2013
Purchased this from Market of Choice for $9.99
50% Tempranillo/50% Garnacha

Mostly I avoid Rosé wines.  Either they are too sweet or they have too much of a petrol undertone for my liking. (I have a similar issue with white wines…I like a good, crisp, dry white that has absolutely no petrol taste whatsoever…fortunately I’ve been able to find several that fill the bill…not so lucky with Rosé.) This summer I decided to explore them further. Tested different varietals, different regions etc.  I found many that were unpleasant, a few that were mediocre, one that was quite enjoyable (Julia’s Dazzle) and one that I loved…this Tres Ojos Rosado.

Tres Ojos Rose Wine

I mentioned in an earlier blog post how fond I am of Spanish wines.  It appears to hold true with this wine as well.

The color appeared to be very watermelon-esque.  The grapes, a blend of two of my favorites: tempranillo and garnacha.  The taste was crisp and yet fruity (raspberries, strawberries & maybe a hint of floral/herbs).  The mouthfeel was satisfying.  Did not at all leave you waiting or wanting more, like some do with their abrupt finishes.

Overall, this is my favorite Rosé to date.