Just a quick post today to let you know about a very good wine currently being sold at Trader Joe’s for $6.99.

It’s called:
2009 Bodegas San Valero Monte Ducay Reserva

I included the cellartracker link with it.  It’s an unbelievably good wine, if you like nice, dry reds for a bargain price.

This Spanish Monte Ducay Reserva is one of the best wines I’ve tasted under $15. Aged 14 months in oak and then another 24 in bottle, it’s tasting so far above its price point that it’s definitely worth investigating.  It easily could go for $20 -$25.  It has a medium to medium-long finish.  Spicy but dry.  Rich and balanced.  Just a killer deal for an every day drinker.

Red wine is my “go to” and right now two of my favorite regions to buy better wines for lower prices are Spain and Portugal (yes, nice dry reds can be found in Portugal…this was an epiphany for me, since I’d only ever had Port from there, until this year).  Most of the Portuguese red wines (I like the Duoro region and really enjoy the Touriga Nacional grape…) seem to require decanting though, unless you purchase a somewhat older vintage.  I’m currently enjoying 2009’s right now without having to decant.  I’ll be posting more on Portugal in the following months, since fall and winter are perfect times to enjoy these spicy, rich wines.

In the mean time…hit your local Trader Joe’s and try a bottle of this Spanish San Valero Monte Ducay Reserva and then tell me what you think!