Is it possible to start a blog post about wine, with coffee information?  If not, then I’m about to nudge the barriers.  I’ve roasted my own coffee beans for the last 10 years.  I’ve explored beans from nearly every region that produces, found my favorite varietals & styles, even down to my favorite farms.  I look forward to new harvests just to compare them with old.  And I enjoy the variations in tastes and aromas, like a child enjoys opening a new Christmas gift.

So a while back, when a friend asked why I didn’t drink wine, I said “I don’t like it.  It’s too sweet for me.  I never know what to buy, I spend too much on wines I dislike and people who are into wine don’t seem to want to educate much.”  That had been my experience until that point.

My friend is a good friend.  She didn’t look at me like I was ridiculous, neanderthal or uncouth.  She just compared wine to my coffee passion.  “Every location has flavors and aromas that are specific to that location.  Not every Cabernet in this world tastes the same.  Every Pinot Noir favors the soil in which it was grown…” and she went on like this for a while.  Just sharing how unique wines can be…and not to assume I hate all wine, because I made poor buying choices for my own tastes.

That conversation began a long period of research.  I bought books.  I read blogs.  I visited vineyards & bought wine.   I began to explore.  Countries.  Regions.  Styles….and to my amazement, I discovered that (regardless of what the “critics” say) you can find nice wine without spending $100+ (or $50+ and I found that there are wines out there even under $20 that are very pleasing). You just have to know where to look.  And so, occasionally on this blog, you may find a wine review.  Wines that I’ve found that taste far beyond their price point or wines that are a good value…good wine for every budget.  I hope you will enjoy it and maybe even find it useful as I continue this journey.